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Equality & Diversity

Responsible, Caring & Secure

‘How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!’
                                                                                                                Psalm 133:1

As a Church School, we place a strong emphasis on creating and sustaining an ethos based on Christian principles. Responsible, Caring and Security (RCS) along with respect and understanding are paramount, and we aim to nurture and develop positive spiritual, moral, social and cultural attitudes within our school community. Religious education and collective worship are central to the life of our school, whilst reflecting the rich variety of religious traditions and diversity of our society. 

Each individual is entitled to learn, teach or work in a supportive environment and to benefit from the diversity of our school community. 
To meet these aims, we are committed to:

  • Equal access & treatment for everyone
  • Being responsive to changing needs
  • Educating & informing children, parents / carers & staff about the issues in this policy
  • Avoiding prejudice
  • Promoting mutual respect, regardless of differences
  • Working to an agreed code of conduct which can be modified, monitored & evaluated in accordance with current best practice of equal opportunities for all, rooted in strong Christian values. We operate an inclusive curriculum, which respects the diverse needs of every child.
  • To promote a positive self-image in all children and to respect their individuality, providing for all pupils according to their needs and/or disabilities
  • To ensure equality of opportunity permeates the whole curriculum & ethos of the school
  • In delivering the curriculum, ensure it contains non-stereotypical images in order to overcome preconceived ideas of gender, ethnic origin, culture or religion
  • To include in resources:books, materials and equipment that are multicultural & non-sexist, providing positive images of all groups
  • Ensure that the organisation of the school is sensitive to the needs of all
  • To acknowledge the richness & diversity of British society and to help prepare children for their part in that society
  • To develop a positive attitude to equal opportunity by all staff, parents, helpers, governors, children and all who participate in the school.

The above is a statement made on behalf of the Governing Body by the Headteacher.